Year in Review: Interview with Sergio Rainero, COO, Green Bit

Year in Review: Interview with Sergio Rainero, COO, Green Bit

That 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Green Bit is just one of the reasons it was a big year for the Italy-based company. The year also saw the appointment of a new head of sales in the US; the launch of its new DactyScan84t and MultiScan527t fingerprint scanners; and a strong showing in a government-led competition aimed at spurring the development of technology that can automate the scanning of a full fingerprint.

As Green Bit COO Sergio Rainero explains in his interview with FindBiometrics, 2017 also saw a growing appetite for his firm’s biometric enrollment stations in emerging markets, and a growing mainstream acceptance of biometric technology in general. Rainero goes on to make a couple of industry predictions for the year ahead, and concludes with a preview of what kinds of new devices Green Bit has in store for 2018.

Read our full interview with Sergio Rainero, COO, Green Bit:

FindBiometrics: What are the biggest highlights for your organization from the past year?

Sergio Rainero, COO, Green Bit: From our perspective, the biggest market highlight in the past years, has been the fast growing demand of enrollment stations in all the Emerging Markets for giving a “Biometric Identity” to all the population. It means that the market request of a reliable, robust, high quality fingerprint scanner (mainly 4-4-2), combined with an affordable price, did a severe market selection on the possible suppliers, leaving only very few candidates able to satisfy the above mentioned needs.

Green Bit, thanks to the complete product re-design did a couple of years ago, is now, I think, the most requested supplier for that market segment in those countries. This fact gave us a big and fast growing in our business, permitting us to invest more in R&D for the future new product families.

FB: What, in your opinion, was the defining trend for the biometrics industry as a whole in 2017?

Green Bit: The increased perception and acceptance of the biometric technologies also by the ‘general users’ because the concept of the ‘biometry benefits’ is becoming real for many many market segments, and not anymore perceived as something useful only for Police or Public Authorities applications or violating the Privacy of the person

FB: What are the main challenges you want to see the biometrics industry address in 2018?

Green Bit: The continuation and consolidation of this trend.

FB: What excites you most about the year to come in biometrics?

Green Bit: The possible usage of completely new technologies also in biometrics, permitting new and better products

FB: What is in store for your organization in 2018?

Green Bit: In 2018, continuing our R&D investments, we will launch two new families of Fingerprint Live Scanner: one dedicated to ‘mobile’, and the other to high end law enforcement systems



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