MultiScan: Palms

Palm-print Livescans are the most advanced and feature rich Livescans and exclusively used by Law Enforcement agencies around the world. Having to cope with strict forensic procedures like matching so-called partial prints left at a crime scene, Palm-Livescans like the MultiScan527 or the MultiScan527g need to be able to acquire all parts of a hand, including fingerprints, fingertips, whole fingers and the whole palm divided in upper/lower palm, writer’s palm (hypothenar) and ball of palm (thenar). Besides upper/lower palm impressions, all others need to be acquired in flat and rolled acquisition mode.

Standard acquisition types are the following;

  • Single fingers flat and rolled
  • 4-slaps, 2-thumbs
  • Upper and lower palm
  • Writer’s palm

In addition to the standard acquisition types there are the so-called supplemental- or major case prints to be acquired, which consist of:

  • Full finger flat and rolled; rolls need to be horizontally (nail-2-nail) and vertically (up to the top-end of the fingertips)
  • Fingertips rolled
  • Ball of Palms (Thenars) flat and rolled
  • Writer’s Palm (Hypothenar) rolled

The MultiScan527 is the first Palm-Livescan EVER to acquire ALL of the aforementioned impressions and as such is not only FBI IQS App. F certified but in fact, for the first time in the history of Livescan certifications, FBI IQS App. P compliant

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