Green Bit wins in two categories at the IARPA Nail to Nail Fingerprint Challenge

Green Bit wins in two categories at the IARPA Nail to Nail Fingerprint Challenge


Washington, DC. —March 22, 2018




Green Bit S.p.A.- Company ( a market leader globally in biometric identity management, today announced that they have been awarded two 1st prizes in the Nail-to-Nail Fingerprint Challenge sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) which took place in September 2017.


The key objectives of this challenge was to produce an automated capture technology that can eliminate a human operator physically interacting with the subject (such as rolling their prints) for N2N capture. Additionally, the automated capture technology had to collect fingerprint data that performed as good as or better than the traditional rolled biometric gold standard. A human could be present and provide basic verbal instructions, but no physical contact between the human collector and the fingerprint collection subject was permissible. The current method employed by trained law enforcement personnel is to physically assist with fingerprint capture.


Green Bit received 1st prize for Latent Accuracy awarded for the best N2N latent matching performance category and for Gallery Accuracy for the best N2N to N2N matching performance and complaint with 90% of data captured with all data acquired  8 minutes.


Gregory Fiumara, Computer Scientist at NIST who worked extensively on the data evaluations and outcomes of the fingerprints captured at the N2N challenge, when interviewed stated that the fingerprints captured by Green Bit on their device were of such high quality, that it was not always possible to tell whether they had been captured unassisted or not. This resulted in the Gallery Accuracy of Green Bit’s captured fingerprints having performed significantly better than those companies who placed second and third in the competition in this category evaluation.” Nadia Reid- VP of Sales and Business Development for the Green Bit USA subsidiary branch, represented the Green Bit team at the N2N challenge also commented, “I am excited about the news of our winnings. The live test confirmed the reliability of our traditional FTIR-based hardware scanner and advanced software algorithms. Green Bit Finger printing technology continues to prove to the market that our technology is mature enough to be deployed and trusted.”


The Green Bit team used their DactyScan40i hardware scanner and software in the challenge to showcase their technology. It is one of their four scanners using their standard MultiScan SDK software algorithms for the rolled acquisition and compatible with Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems. In addition to the DactyScan40i, other scanners within the Green Bit product range compatible with their standard MultiScan SDK include; DactyScan84c, MultiScan527 and MultiScan527g.


Currently the poor capture approach is caused by poor technique or training which results in sub-standard print quality, affecting the ability to identify live or latent fingerprints. With Green Bit’s technology, and pre-defined parameters written into their algorithms, their software can calculate the overall square of rolling artefact areas within the final composite fingerprint image expressed. Based on this it is possible for the human operator to be removed, reducing the potential obstruction caused.


“We are delighted with our results and performance in the IARPA challenge”, said Green Bit’s Chief Operating Officer, Sergio Rainero. “Given our continuous investment in R&D, we aim to always provide the industry and our customers with reliable product and technology. With our IARPA challenge results, we have proven that our hardware and software technology which includes sophisticated algorithms can avoid operator obstruction.  We are ready to share our best of class solutions with the biometric market.


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