Green Bit Team Selected as Finalist in IARPA Nail to Nail Fingerprint Challenge

Green Bit Team Selected as Finalist in IARPA Nail to Nail Fingerprint Challenge

Tuxedo Park, NY. —September 1, 2017

Green Bit Americas, INC the market leader globally in biometric identity management, today announced that their team has been selected as a finalist to compete in the Nail-to-Nail Fingerprint Challenge sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).

The Green Bit team will use their DactyScan40i hardware scanner and software in the challenge to showcase how their technology can automate the capture technology that minimizes human operators from physically interacting with the subject and rolling the fingerprints, which is the current method employed by trained law enforcement personnel. The DactyScan40i is one of their four scanners using their standard MultiScan SDK software algorithms for the rolled acquisition. In addition to the Dactyscan40i, other scanners within the Green Bit product range compatible with their standard MultiScan SDK include; DactyScan84c, MultiScan527 and MultiScan527g.

Currently the poor capture approach is caused by poor technique or training which results in sub- standard print quality, affecting the ability to identify live or latent fingerprints. With Green Bit’s technology, and pre-defined parameters written into their algorithms, their software can calculate the overall square of rolling artefact areas within the final composite fingerprint image expressed. Based on this it is possible for the human operator to be removed, reducing the potential obstruction caused.

In Law Enforcement environments- Green Bit is confident that the outcome of the challenge result is that the incorporation of rolled fingerprints in future biometric security solutions will be more accurate when capturing and rolling criminal fingerprints.

“We are thrilled to be chosen as a finalist in the IARPA challenge, said Green Bit’s Chief Operating Officer, Sergio Rainero. Given our continuous investment in R&D, we aim to always provide the industry and our customers with reliable product and technology. With the IARPA challenge, we can showcase our hardware and software technology to include our sophisticated algorithms with parameters to avoid operator obstruction. It would pride us to share with the industry the outcomes of the challenge.”

The Green Bit team will present their DactyScan40i scanner device in Washington DC during the week of September 18. Winners can expect to be announced sometime in Fall 2017.


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