MultiScan SDK


Green Bit whole Livescan product line is supported by the same and most featured rich SDK, the MultiScan_SDK, thus eliminating the need for multiplied integration efforts due to the use of different SDKs.

The MultiScan_SDK is available “free of charge” with a Green Bit livescan and includes free updates/upgrades over complete product life cycle.

Two versions of the MultiScan_SDK are available: the Basic version (addressing major integrators, having many SW features already implemented in their final application thus needing only image acquisition and drivers) and the Full Enhanced version (addressing small/medium integrators, in need of enhanced SW features in order to cut development costs and to save resources).



Both Basic and Full Enhanced are available with Rolled Fingerprint support.



1.    Available for the complete Green Bit livescan portfolio
2.    Multiplatform (Supported platforms = x86-32, x86-64, ARM; operating systems = Windows 32/64 bit on X86, Linux on 86   and ARM, Android on ARM)
3.    Slide Detection for Flat Prints
4.    Correct Position Check
5.    Artifact Detection
6.    Adaptative roll area positioning
7.    Dry Finger Image Enhancement
8.    GB_FFD software-based fake fingerprint detection for DactyScan84c


For more details, please click here MultiScan-SDK-v4.x_Features

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