DactyMatch™ contains all necessary functions to perform fingerprint image recognition in both verification and identification Civil-ID scenarios using Green Bit proprietary fingerprint templates and/or ISO templates. The operational performats of  DactyMatch™ can be tuned in accordance with specific application requirements.  DactyMatch™ supports ISO/IEC and INCTS can be used to build new databases or to interact with legacy open-standard databases. DactyMatch™ is MINEX certified for encoding/feature extraction (DactyMatch™ is coded as “2W” in MINEX listing) : http://www.nist.gov/itl/iad/ig/ominex_qpl.cfm
  • Fast and accurate search and match capability: verification (1:1) and identification (1:N)
  • Rolled and flat multi-fingerprints matching
  • Support for ISO 19794-2 and INCTS 378 formats
  • NIST MINEX certified
  • Available as MULTIPLATFORM SDK ( Win, Linux, Android)
  • Availbale for Green Bit LiveScan and other devices
  • Cost-efficient and free on line customer support
The DactyMatch is available with a 60 days trial license.
  • Technical Specification
  • SDK Features
  • Downloads
  • TEMPLATE ENCODING Proprietary and ISO 19794-2 / INCITS 378
    MATCHING ALGORITHM Proprietary and Bozorth
    SUPPORTED PLATFORM Microsoft Windows up to Win 10 in 32-bit and 64-bit configuration, Linux Ubuntu and Fedora distributions in 32 and 64-bit configuration, Android ver 4.x, 5.x, 6.x on ARM 32
    PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Standard C interface, NET wrappers, Java wrappers

    *The DactyMatch SDK is not availbale for the US market

    • Matching of:
      • Green Bit proprietary templates using Green Bit proprietary matcher
      • ISO19794-2/INCITS 378 templates containing Green Bit proprietary data (originally generated by GB Coding function) using Green Bit proprietary matcher
      • ISO19794-2 and INCITS 378 templates using BOZORTH matching algorithms if no Green Bit proprietary data is included
    • Conversion of:
      • Green Bit proprietary templates to/from standard ISO19794-2  and INCITS 378 templates
      • Green Bit proprietary templates to ISO19794-2 Finger Minutiae Card Template
      • ISO/IEC and INCITS to LFS Finger Minutiae Template for matching using BOZORTH
    • Sample and Template Code Generation:
      • using Green Bit proprietary coding
      • ISO19794-2 and INCITS 378 formats are supported as well
    • Coding Sizes:
      • different templates and sample code sizes can be generated depending on storage (e.g. smart card) and bandwith limitations
      • Lossless conversion in both directions
    • Correction:
      • creation of corrected sample codes offering higher quality and thus better matching results
      • Useful whenever difficult fingerprints are involved
  • DactyMatch Datasheet
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