The DactyCard is a complete, feature rich and FBI App. F certified solution for fingerprint card scanning, e.g. for state and federal criminal background checks. In addition to many new intuitive features, solution providers and system integrators can leverage on features already used worldwide with Green Bit & Thales livescans such as segmentation, sequence check, quality assessment which have been adapted and optimized for the use with FD-258 fingerprint cards. The DactyCard is available with a 60 days trial license.
  • Technical Specification
  • SDK Features
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  • SUPPORTED FINGERPRINT CARDS FD-258 (others on request)
    IMAGE QUALITY FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F certified at 500 dpi for Epson V500 and V550 models. Other models can be certified upon request.
    IMAGE FORMATS RAW, BMP, JPEG and JPEG2000 WSQ compression FBI certified
    SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS Microsoft Windows up to Win 10 in 32-bit and 64-bit configuration
    PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES All libraries are provided with both the standard C interface and a wrapper for .NET
    EBTS OUTPUT Type-4 and type-14
    • Automatic Cropping and Segmentation of single prints and 4-slaps
    • Bounding Boxes can be adjusted manually if needed
    • Automatic quality assessment as per NISTIR7151
    • Generation of NFIQ values (1-5) for each finger
    • Extended Sequence Check not only checking one-on -one but cross checking on all fingers, indicating which finger has been mixed-up
    • Easy in-GUI swap of fingers subject to mix-up
    • Details shown for each finger regarding quality, position and dimension
    • Possibility to zoom into images
    • Automatic merge - creation of an ‘best-of’ set of fingerprints: if two cards are used for the same applicant, the DactyCard SDK automatically uses the best prints from both cards merging them in a new ‘best-of’ set.
    • Manual merge – Operator’s can compare images from both cards one-to-on and then select which images to use for the ‘best-of’ set
    • Image Formats: RAW, BMP, JPG, WSQ (FBI certified)
  • DactyCard Datasheet
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