Fingerprint Cardscan

Fingerprint Cardscan refers to the digitalization of classic ink and paper fingerprint cards. There are still vast fingerprint card archives around the globe which will need to be digitalized eventually. Cardscan SW helps by automatically extracting all fingerprint information, processing it as if it were taken by modern Livescans: segmentation, sequence check, quality assessment and the creation of standard file records which guarantee full interoperability between all existing AFIS solutions.

The DactyCard SDK has been developed to help with criminal background checks (a.o.  FBI/DSS-SWFT , OPM-FTS) for all those partners preferring ink and paper cards over Livescans. Mostly so called FBI FD-258 cards are used for this purpose and the DactyCard SDK automatically extracts all needed info, processes it and eventually wrapping everything up in standard compliant NIST record.

Cardscan SW for LAw Enforcement and Government use is subject to FBI certification according to FBI IQS App. F exactly as normal Livescans and gets certified always in combination with suitable a flatbed scanner.

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