Development Kits

In addition to our Livescan product line, THALES offers additional Software Development Kits related to fingerprint acquisitions and matching.

The DactyCard SDK to automatically acquire, process and format fingerprints originating from traditional paper and ink based fingerprint cards for all those partners looking for efficient means to digitalize paper based fingerprint card archives or for background check applications where Livescans are not an option.

For partners interested in fast and affordable verification scenarios we offer the DactyMatch SDK which offers verification using international standards based templates or THALES’s own templates, offering maximum flexibility to build new verification systems or to leverage on legacy ones.

The DactyCard and DactyMatch SDKs, have been developed leveraging on more than 15 years of experience in the fingerprint business and use many features already know from our Livescan SDK. Fast and easy integration, combined with a solid performance yet affordable for system integrators and solution providers of any size.

60-days trial licenses are available for both SDKs.


Fingerprint Verification


Fingerprint Cardscan

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