THALES offers a full and comprehensive Livescan product portfolio, which allows our customers and partners to address all applications requiring high quality fingerprint enrollment and identification, such as:

Law Enforcement:

The most traditional and demanding market segment in terms of image quality, reliability and usability which is paramount for our partners in the Law Enforcement community. Their most common task is criminal booking or identification, thus requiring primarily Livescans able to acquire 10-prints and most importantly palmprints. For the last 10 years, Green Bit proudly served dozens of Law Enforcement agencies around the globe with our high-end Livescans, constantly improving the same by leveraging on the input provided directly from the users of our Livescans. As of now, THALES  offers the most advanced palm print Livescan on the market, resulting in a constantly growing customer base worldwide.

Government ID:

Also known as Civil ID, covers all applications addressing the issuance of modern electronic ID documents, like ePassport, eID, eVisa and eVoting. This is the fastest growing market space within the Gov’t panopticum and we have seen several large scale projects over the last years like UID in India, eID in Indonesia and several huge VoterID projects in Africa. Those large scale deployments deeply changed also the biometric industry with all of the aforementioned projects calling for biometric identification features, amongst which, fingerprints have been the common denominator.

Criminal Background Check:

A huge and important market segment in the United States deriving based on HSPD-12 mandatory for all Gov’t employees and contractors. Background checks acan be performed on local, state and federal level which results in a highly fragmented market space. Quality, standard compliance , support and reliability are the key elements in this market and THALES is gladly catering to an ever growing number of partners eventually offering turn-key solutions.

Emerging Market Segments:

Obviously the above mentioned market segments can be further broken down and given the increasing familiarity of every citizen’s with biometrics, many other markets trusting biometrics started to emerge, like automated border control, health care and monetics just to name a few.

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