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Founded back in 1989 Green Bit initially started out to design high-end electronic boards for wireless applications. After being acquired by Adriano De Luca in 1997 Green Bit underwent a radical transformation, fully re-focusing its activities to fingerprint biometrics.

In 1999, years of extensive research and development resulted in Green Bit’s first line of products for physical access control soon after starting with countrywide deployments at banking institutions.

In the wake of the tragic events of the year 2001, resulting in global initiatives related to new and more secure means of personal identification, Green Bit decided to leverage on its extraordinary know-how in the field of high-end fingerprints biometrics to address the standardized and severely Gov’t regulated biometric market with a complete new product line for the exploding National ID and Law Enforcement market space.

With an ever growing market, in 2007 the decision was made to establish several direct presences in strategic markets. By opening subsidiaries in the US, China and Central Asia Green Bit managed to stay closely to its customer base, thus learning from their experience and better understanding their needs. The gathered experience has been proven crucial to steadily innovate and improve the product thus providing a competitive edge to all of our partners whenever fingerprinting comes into play.

In 2018 Green Bit has been fully acquired by Gemalto to offer its biometric scanners as part of complete automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) offerings.


Thales DIS IBS Italia 

In early 2019, after having acquired the international security company Gemalto, Thales Group has combined it with its existing digital assets to create a new leader in digital identity and security, as Thales DIS global business unit is already the world leader in these fast-growing markets, addressing key challenges in the digital transformation of its customers’ intelligent systems.For this purpose has been created Thales DIS IBS Italia SPA, which will be offering technologies and solutions at the cutting edge for Law Enforcement and Government ID.


THALES DIS IBS ITALIA is fully compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation that is available here:

European General Data Protection Regulation

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